November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything it stands for. I love the traditions that we honor in our family and in our country and how those traditions are changing but staying the same as our family and our country changes. I love that it is simply about being thankful and remembering what really matters.

So in this time between the pie-making and the turkey stuffing, I am pausing to say thank you for joining me over the last year on this blog. Thank you for supporting my efforts to share the view across the grassroots grantmaking landscape and for giving back by subscribing, commenting, challenging, sending encouraging words through email, and passing my posts on to colleagues - helping in these and other ways to enliven and expand our community of citizen-centered grantmakers. May your day and the weekend that is to come be filled with your favorite people, your favorite foods and victory for your favorite team!

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