May 6, 2008

Global Greengrants Fund's A Drop in the Bucket

This is a quick post to share a powerful video that Global Greengrants Fund produced to demonstrate the power of small grants.

Chet Tchozewski, Global Greengrants Fund Executive Director, joined me on a panel yesterday (coincidentally named "Big Thinking on Small Grants) at the Council on Foundation's 2008 Philanthropy Leadership Summit in National Harbor, Maryland. Our intention was to include this video in the presentation, but the computer on hand had a different idea of how to spend the afternoon. So for all of you who were there and were intrigued by Chet's description of "A Drop in the Bucket" and for friends who could not be there, here it is.

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  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2008

    I think activating people to act however small can not be overstated in power. This video says it in a beautiful way. Each action, each action with others out of care, each action that connects people in common purpose; all are powerful. Like the raindrops falling on a pond small grants ripple out in connections, networks, and collective action. I kept thinking watching the video and hearing the sound of the water drops the chorus was ""Get connected! Get Connected! Get Connected!" Together we're better.

    Mike Green
    Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)